Junior Golf

Junior Golf

Junior Golf Activities

Hurstbourne Country Club has a very active Junior Golf Program that is built to not only teach the fundamentals of the game, but also teach life values that come along with playing this game for life. We structure our programs around age and skill level and have something for everyone, from the five year-old beginner to the fourteen year-old working towards a college scholarship. We base our program around the following values;

Safety First
The first priority of our junior club is to ensure a safe learning environment for the children involved. Practices like holding the club by the clubhead, where to stand when others are hitting, and staying hydrated are a few examples of how we keep this great game safe.

Industry leading sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella says, “it is called playing golf for a reason.” Whether it's water balloon fights or hitting tennis balls at the coaches wearing targets, keeping the game fun peaks interest and has the kids reeling to come back for more.

We all know the traditional definition of respect, however, on the golf course it takes on many new meanings. Respecting the golf course by replacing divots and fixing ball marks, being aware of your movements while someone else is taking their turn, and of course being friendly and kind even during competition are just a few areas we focus on in regards to respect in the game of golf.

Honesty & Integrity
In a game governed by rules but enforced mostly by yourself and your playing competitors, these two traits become a necessity of the game. Not only does building these traits create value as a golfer, but also builds value and character in each individual person.

The highest achievement award earned by a junior golfer in our junior program is the “Sportsmanship Award,” this is not by accident. This award does not necessarily go to the best junior golfer, but the junior golfer who best exemplifies all of the values listed and many more.

The game of golf is revered so highly because of the values instilled in those who play it. Being an individually played sport, the golfer is solely responsible for every action or in-action they choose to take. We have a responsibility to take care of the beautiful course we play on day in and day out, which means replacing and filling your divot, raking a bunker, or fixing a ball mark made on a green.

Golf can be a lengthy sport at times which demands a great deal of focus. Teaching this skill at a young age provides the best platform for success no matter what the endeavour.

Our LIL LINKSTERS program is designed to introduce the great game of golf to kids at a very early age. We do cover the fundamental's of golf but spend more time ensuring the kids are having FUN and getting them hooked on a great game they can play for life. The program is four weeks long and includes a Friday session of instruction and activities and a Saturday afternoon session on our Executive Nine with parental involvement playing the game. It is very important to get the kids on the golf course at an early age and this program does just that.

Our HOT SHOTS program is the next step up and includes instruction, friendly competition on the Executive Nine course and great activites that will keep your junior golfer engaged throughout the program. Hot Shots are from 10:45am to approximately 1:00pm and the schedule can be found under the Junior Golf Information tab of the website. Hot Shots is a great group of Junior Golfers that enjoy playing the game and meeting new friends.

PGA JUNIOR LEAGUE is designed to bring a “Little League” atmosphere to the game of golf.  With teams of boys and girls, age 13 and under, PGA JLG provides a structured league environment for young golfers to compete or just have fun!  This is a great way to get, and keep, kids involved in the game!

Team members will enjoy the following benefits during the season:

  • Team jerseys, golf balls and PGA JLG bag tags
  • 4-6 regular season competitions with other PGA JLG teams in the area
  • Coaching and organized practices during the season
  • Opportunity to build long lasting friendships and relationships on the course
  • All-Star teams comprised of players from each team in the Market Champion’s regular season league will advance to compete in Regional Championships and possibly the PGA JLG Championship 

NOTE: This league is a separate league from our normal Lil Linksters and Hot Shots Jr. Programs.  This league is an inter-club league to get kids out playing the game in a FUN atmosphere.  Please do not think your kid has to be an exceptional Jr. Golfer to participate as that is not the case!