The Hurstbourne Foundation

The purpose of the Hurstbourne Foundation, Inc. is to support charitable, educational, historic, scientific, literary, and artistic activities associated with the City of Hurstbourne and Hurstbourne Country Club; to develop, preserve, and maintain the history and the historical infrastructureal elements that are special to the area; and to promote the acquisition, preservation, and development of art and artifacts that are special to the City of Hurstbourne and Hurstbourne Country Club, as well as the expansion of art and literary events.

With the help of generous donations and support, the Foundation has been able to complete numerous projects; here are a few:
  • Restored the Chapel fa├žade
  • Refurbished the beautiful inside marble stairway
  • Refinished the front doors to the Club house as well as the doors leading to the flower garden from the Sitting Room and the Ladies’ Restroom in the Foyer
  • Refinished the statues that surround the swimming pool
  • Rebuilt the stone fence between holes #12 and #17
  • Refurbished the Spring House by #10 tee box
  • Repaired flower urns
  • Refinished the floors in the Hunt Room
  • Repaired the ceiling in the Sitting Room
  • Refinished the chandelier and sconces in the Hunt Room
  • HCC 50th Anniversary Book