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About Pickleball

Not familiar with pickleball? It's the fastest growing racquet sport in the U.S. and we're thrilled to have three courts at the Club! The sport is fun for a wide range of ages and is a mix of tennis, badminton and ping pong (if you can imagine yourself standing on top of the table while playing).

The court is similar to that of a smaller tennis court, measuring 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. The net is three feet high on the ends and 34 inches in the middle. The court itself has service zones on the left and right side, as well as a 7-foot non-volley zone on either side of the net known as the "kitchen." Players may go in this zone, but are not permitted to hit the ball while in the kitchen unless the ball bounces there first.

Though doubles is more common, pickleball may also be played as singles. The playing area and rules remain the same for both singles and doubles. Games are typically played to 11 points and points are only scored by the serving team.

For more on the rules of this fun, fast-growing game, please click here.

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